Friday, July 17, 2009

I hear the Call of My Country

It's true. The government is looking for a few good laughs.

So I'm wondering if this is why they seated Senator Franken.

But hey, it's a recession and people with jobs, well, they're sad. They need perking up. And since we can't satirize the existing government or leaders because they have all the answers; the people who work to figure out all the regulations and rules and policies that no one reads, need motivation, sweetness and light.

They'll even pay to get it.

I'm patriotic. I believe in the healing power of laughter, so I volunteer myself here as a humble humorist.

But I clicked on the link. They want cartoonists, not humor writers.


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Karen said...

Humor should be free and float through the air on the wings of tiny butterflies delivering joy to all.

Let's do some research to see if this is possible. Add a rider to the healthcare bill. File it under "exploration of non-traditional, therapeutic remedies" ...

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