Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Queen

Most of my stuff is slightly altered to create fiction out of what would otherwise be embarrassing reality. I want my kids to still speak to me when they're adults. Some of the crafting of stories for blog entrees are hard to polish. Others are easy. Then there are those that quite literally, get dropped into your...

My nearly two year old often mistakes me for a chair. Being a toddler, she considers herself the Queen of my lap.

I am her favorite spot to think.

She also is considering the prospects of testing pottying. More than once, she has "tested" the seat in imitation of her older sister.

Today, she sat on me and after giving a fierce hug, said, "Spssssssst." "Spssssssst."
Then she got up and toddled off.

"I think she was pretending." I said as I got up in a hurry.
"So do I." My husband responded.

"I may substitute for a throne but not that kind."

"Cheer up, at least it was number 1."

Long live the Queen.

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