Friday, April 10, 2009

Moving Day

Blogging here has been a load of fun, but to stay competitive and keep adding markets for writing, I've joined Associated Content, --a consortium of writers that provide what is affectionately known as "filler." As such, they want any blog to be via wordpress, a more "professional" than personal blog provider. So, Chocolate For Your Brain will be moving. I've already transfered all past comments and pieces so you can still find all the good stuff. Think of it as getting a King Size rather than a regular snicker's bar. Same humor, same stories, just more of them, plus little extras on the side. (Yes, my informative and drier stuff will be here too).

I don't know when the moving day will be, as I'm still packing the blogging boxes at this point and settling on a paint scheme. It will be some time in the next week.

But, I thought it only fair to say, "Heads up."

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you're leaving??


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