Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Bedtime Story...Nighty night.

*Credit is due to John Batchelor (Radio Talk Show Host on Sundays from 7-10, brilliant), who suggested that the current response by the administration to the Economic problem is a bit like reading Goodnight Moon. He had the idea but did not write the meter. This is my homage. I'm going to send it to him as well.

In the great oval room,
there was a telephone
as the problems loomed,
and a paper telling of –

the Dow falling in a swoon,
and Banks and Bears and market shares,

And the Big Three

And the House and the Senate
And a young President,
With a Core full of Press
All thinking smartly about the whole mess.

With smug Pelosi
And Unctous Harry Reid
Bet the house on spending
Because more government’s what we need.

Goodbye all those trillions
And however many more
Congress will pass in spending
With no ceiling, only floor.

Goodbye stocks.
Goodbye 401k’s.
And if you happen to make some money,
We’ll tax it all away.

Goodbye Freedom.
Goodbye cash.
Goodbye neighborhoods
That are foreclosing fast.

Goodbye good jobs
From companies too big to fail.
You’ll get money
While we get to bail.

Welfare for the richest
And for the very poor,
For the rest that’s just it,
There isn’t anymore.

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MightyMom said...

wow. that hit home.

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