Friday, April 24, 2009

Notre Dame chooses between God and Country

At Georgetown last week, the President's people had the university cover up the Lord’s name (IHS) in the room where the leader of the free world spoke. Scandal to the faithful is becoming very politically correct.

Man how I wish the Jesuits had responded, “If you wanted those things covered up, you should have been here during Lent.”

But this is DC and power commands. Power is currency, even in institutions dedicated to learning and knowing God.

Just yesterday, Georgetown honored the Vice President for his service to women. (They wanted to show the world that they are just as enlightened about how to be a good little catholic school that doesn't upset anyone who matters) as Notre Dame.

However, they must have consulted different cannon lawyers than President Jenkins, as they did not feel any compunction to withhold honors and awards from Catholics in positions of power and authority who advocate positions antithetical to Church teaching. Maybe they considered Joe Biden to be not truly Catholic…or maybe not truly powerful, or both.

(For those not up to speed on the latest turn in the Notre Dame Our Mother Pray for Us Scandal, President Jenkins consulted unnamed cannon law experts other than the 35 bishops or his own Bishop, so as to provide a rationale for his decision). The logic asserted after this august meeting of unknown minds, that granting an honorary award to the President does not conflict with the mission of the University of Notre Dame, stems from the fact that the president is not Catholic and thus need not follow cannon law. It is a discreet legal argument.

My problem? The President may not be Catholic, but presumably, Fr.

I derive mild amusement and probably should not, from envisioning President Jenkins arriving at the Pearly Gates and asking for admittance. Saint Peter would explain, he’d need to plead the case and to choose appropriate counsel for the occasion. Fr. Jenkins would smile as he saw his friend and ally Douglas Kmiec waiting with legal briefs in hand.

Then, Sir Thomas More would show up for the prosecution.

I don't imagine any more of the scene because I just want to stay with that exquisite moment when cleverness for cleverness sake comes face to face with wisdom.

Keep praying for the conversion of President Saul. It’s the only hope we have for change.


MightyMom said...

cleverness for cleverness sake comes face to face with wisdom.

now there's a thought!

MightyMom said...

a linky or two for you. ;-)

and the accompanying video here.

jacobusmaximus said...

the 3rd denial has happened--Xavier University in New Orleans, LA has invited a graduation speaker and given an honorary degree to a woman who is an abortion rights activist. ugh.

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