Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Less Sun Fir Mi Sun end Muy Doughtr

With all due apologies to Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, I present the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States as read by spell check but with no proof reading. (Hint: Read aloud).

Wee the papal of the Untied Stats inn odor too forum am ore prefect onion, is tab lush just ice, ensure dome stick an quilt it ye, pro video four the come on deference, prom moat the gene rail well fair and see cure the bless sings of livery two hour selves and oar post era tea dew or dame and is stab blush this Con is tuition fir the Unit Estates of America.

Okay. Perhaps it is a bit of parental overkill on my part, but I wanted to illustrate to my children why:

1) Spelling counts and

2) Proof reading matters.

We don't want another incident of the "Dairy of Anne Frank."


P.S. Your three day break is over. Get to work on those reports!

U kin tri fir mer aditead wrks ov murth!


Larramie said...

But that is SO easy to do, "Mom." ;)

Diesel said...

Spell check will catch that thing where they use f's instead of capital S's though.

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