Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Dog Caught the Car

Over the past two weeks, I interviewed several times.  Today, I learned I got the job.  My first reaction?  Something between severe brain freeze and joy.

I shall be teaching writing composition to high school students.

All my experience, passion, schooling and past blend perfectly to get this job.  All of that now counts for squat.

Now, we start over with a blank page.

How do you write a book?  The same way you run a marathon or teach a class.  You study, you plan, you train and you go at it, day in and day out.  Only yesterday I walked around an empty house thinking, "Now what?"  

The now what has been answered.

My son did call me and laugh. "You didn't last one week without them."
I know.  I know my motto for my tomb stone is "She tried hard." but the one I live by, is "I'm the dog that caught the car."

One day, I must learn to stop chasing these things.

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