Saturday, August 13, 2016

How I Wasted Too Much Time on Thursday and Today

There was a game involving books and puns.  That's the equivalent of chocolate and diet coke catnip for me.   I should never NEVER read Simcha Fisher's posts when she's hosting a game if I want to get things done.   However, I did, and the reward of that rabbit hole of time is you get laughs today.  The game was simple. You take a famous book, and take it down a notch.

Here are a few samples:

1) Death of a Sale's Pitch
2) The Adequate Six
3) The Ancient Art of Wart Removal
4) The Cat in the Rye
5) My Son Also Rises
6) The Rhyme of the Ancient Marinara
7) As I Lay Digesting
8) A Room with a Somewhat Obstructed View
9) Charlotte's Web Browser
10) In Her Majesty's Cleaning Service
11) The Fjords of Madison County
12) Bridget Jone's Blog
13) Cowardly Old World
14) Selfie of an Artist as a Young Man
15) The Composite of Miss Jean Brodie
16) Lost in the Cosmetology
17) The Round and the Furry
18) A Ticket in Time's Square
19) The Phantom EZ-pass Lane
20) The Commission Salesman of Venice
21) The Ringling Brothers Karamazov
22) The Shelf Life of Pie
23) In This House of Bread
24) The Adventures of Tom, Lawyer
25) The Garlic Wars
26) The Return of the Naive
27) Spenser's Dairy Queen
28) Orange Julius Caesar
29) The Importance of Being Bert and Ernie
30) The Squire of the Flies
31) And the sequel, The Lord of the Stings
32) Their Eyes Were Watching Cod
33) The Yelp
34) Love in a Time of Coloring
35) A Weed Grows in Brooklyn
36) Celsius 100
37) The Pay Per View Fight Club
38) The Flight Club
39) The Retired Guy on a Boat
40) King Arthur and His Knights Sit Around the Table
41) Harry Potter and the Magic Pebble
42) Gulliver's Traveling Pants
43) Farewell to Sleeves
44) 50 Pairs of Shades
45) Cheeseburger in Paradise Lost
46) The Divine Joke Book
47) Cadbury's Tales
48) Funkanomics
49) The Call of the Mild
50) How Green Was My Valley Girl

I fear, I could go on...

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