Monday, August 29, 2016

I have a piece over at Aleteia Today!

When we sent our third off to college, I felt so disconnected. It felt hard to say good bye over the phone. However, I wrote up all those feelings and it became this piece about tips for sending your child off to college.

It is a week of new beginnings and good byes.  Today, all my children are in school.  That is the first time ever since I've had children, that there aren't children at home.  

She lost her first tooth last night, and started Kindergarten today.  

So what am I doing with my first day off ever?  Well, I'd love to send you photos of me eating bon bons, floating at a pool, dining out and drinking wine, painting, reading, laying in a hammock with a popsicle and a Jimmy Buffett song cranked up in the background but no.  I am doing none of those things.  Today, I'm going to the Dentist to get a crown fitted.  

Yes. Envy me.  I live the dream.  

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