Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  Setting Myself Up For This...

Yesterday I introduced an ambitious blogging schedule.  Today, I'm trying to keep to it, but reality keeps reminding me, "You are not in charge!"  How?  Well, today is Friday. It is a half day for some, an off day for one, a whole day for another, and trial day for my husband.  Fixing the ONE lunch was actually NOT possible.  The little horde of voracious toddler raptors and teen walking locusts had consumed all the macaroni and cheese, bagels, cheese sticks and tortillas that might be used to make a meatless lunch. The kindergartner had given all 4 CANS of tuna away in the food drive.  There was only meat in the house. No fruit.  Barely any vegetables.  No time to make pasta. No yogurts.  no pineapple cups, and the school has banned peanut butter.   So I thought, no biggie, swing through Taco bell, grab a bean burrito to go and we're set. They're not open yet.  No biggie, I'll bring it later.  My 2 year old threw up in the car.  We will see if today is a hard fasting day for my 16 year old...or not.

2.  Habemus papam franciscum!

I'm really loving getting to know Pope Francis.  Everything I've read about him reveals a person of deep humility.  If you'ld like to read more about him, Simcha Fisher has a great piece over at the National Catholic Register giving you little snippets that reflect the reality of how he has lived his vocation up to this point.   It seems obvious he should be the Pope and I'm very glad. 

3.    Not Reflecting the Dignity of the Poor

I was on facebook the past few days to snatch news and rejoice with others about our new pope, and there was an ad for the SSDI (Social Security Disability Income).  The facebook page which I will not link here, was a means for people to apply with the federal government.   The thumbnail that showed up next to the link either was hacked or shows a profound lack of charity for those who need the safety net that the government can provide.

 Are You Kidding Me? This is not Okay.

Having sent Helen off to the editor, it is now time to write up a 100 word pitch, a 300 word summary, select snippets I want to show to hook readers, create a facebook page, write an interview about how Helen came to be, provide resources and additional bonus Easter Egg type material --like the bonus features of a DVD, and draft a way to launch the book.  My 16 year old took pity on me and created the Facebook page.  You can help it grow by linking and sharing it --here. 
Guess I'd better get in the car and go deliver her a lunch.  
One daughter is in the tech for Les Miserables.  One daughter is in tech for a version of 12 Angry Men.  We have an Auction this weekend.  Their father is getting ready for trial.  I could really use that bi location grace right now, if I am to get all people where they need to go when they need to go.  Fortunately, my oldest son (a driver huzzah), is coming home for Spring Break. We may yet survive. 
6.  Need to Tackle Birthday Paloozah.
Marathon necessary to prepare for and recover from eating not included.

I need to throw a party for my 9 year old son.  On his actual birthday, he refused to celebrate.  Why? One of his friends had lost his mother over the weekend. The funeral was his birthday.  So he told me, I'll wait on the cake and the dress down day.  What a heart.  If anyone deserves a party with balloons and bounce rooms and firecrackers and piecaken, it's him.  Will plan party after I drop off lunch for 16 year old. 
7.  For fun, here's the last one, a bit of poetry written just after learning we had a pope. 
A Watched Smokestack
Never Popes.
I leave the computer and
We have white smoke. 
May have to scoot over to confession to take advantage of Pope Francis's offering of an indulgence to make up for that and other transgressions, right after I deliver lunch and plan John's party.   Have a great Friday!


Elrond said...

Good luck oh mother of 10.

Patty said...

Nice job on the poetry...maybe tweet it to Pope Francis? ;-)

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