Monday, March 25, 2013

Small Stones Monday

Monday's stone

Nothing can annoy
not a tick, not a snake
not sand in one's food
like an older brother
in the presence
of a younger sister
entirely too content
to be tolerated.

Tuesday's Stone

Nothing makes the house stiller
than a child with a fever
Even with 9 others home
they feel the whisper
of unwellness
and unnatural silence.

Wednesday's Stone

Spring Says You!

I should.

I should garden
and organize the closet
and exercise.

I should edit
and get a hair cut
and clean.

I should clear out the frige
order prescriptions
and change the sheets.

I think I'll read
surf the net
eat some chocolate
and sleep.

Friday's Stone


has a lollipop in her hair.

Saturday's Stone

I saw the silliest phrase...
We are the ones
We've been waiting for.
I know it can't be true.
Because I know me
and she's been busy all day,
she's not waiting for anyone
but she'd love it and so would the world
if we all stopped waiting on ourselves
and waited on others
for a change.
Sunday's Stone

They run so fast
down the driveway
oblivous to anything
... but the sun and the stretch of freedom
not being tethered to mother brings.
Swooping in to catch them
and lock them safely
in the car,
they have been returned
safely to the eggs,
baby chicks that they are,
unware of all the ways
the world could swallow them up.
They giggle in their restraints,
unknowing of anything but the joy and the sun.
It won't always be so.


1 comment:

Eddie S said...

"They giggle in their restraints,
unknowing of anything but the joy and the sun"

As it should be at that age. Lovely.

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