Monday, March 18, 2013

Small Stones Monday

Sunny Defiance

Despite the bills
need to shop
and three errands
that are all necessary
and all at the same time,
I declare
we will seize the joy of Sunday
and live out a day of rest.

Six Word Saturday

There is nothing like Mom's lap.

Friday's Stone

All the plans I had
dry cleaning, groceries, paperwork
just threw up in the car.

I've also learned that all stones must be cut and pasted as soon as they are written, or they are lost to cyber space once we get past one week.  Ugh.  I'm writing one a day so that's a lot of lost poetry.  Next Monday, you'll get seven stones. 

If you'd like to join the small stones project, go to the facebook page,
Small Stones: Writing Our Way Home and ask to join.  It is a closed group.  No one critiques so you can feel free to post what you wish, the goal is to write a poem each day.   There's an explanation of the origin of small stones and other information on the page.   It's a good way to keep the pen moving so to speak, when writer's block threatens.

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Colleen Duggan said...

It's funny you mention writer's block. I remember you took a blogging sabatical in Jan. I've been taking a hiatus as well and it's amazing how rejuvenating that can be. My well was dry and I don't know if was from burning the candle at both ends or a poor prayer life (but I show up. Every day I show up!) or what. But the break has been good and healing and I'm ready to start anew at Easter. Praise God for His mercy.

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