Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin

It's mid summer. There are five weeks left of freedom for me.  I stand before the computer prepared to sign away my money and my weekends. 

That's right.  I'm signing up kiddos for fall sports.

It's not easy. There are the insane practice three times a week in the evening hours travel teams, the slack jawed you may wind up coaching if you show up close to on time and speak with even a smidgen of enthusiasm teams and the this would be perfect except can you tell that as much as I want them to do sports and know they need them, I really really really am not looking forward to this heavy duty scheduling? 

And then there is the second challenge, what sports.  Baseball --one practice, one game, no clock so no end in sight.  Plus I know my kid will spend a lot of time being bored when he's not at bat., one to two hours tops. That's it. That's all. Minus.  I have been at soccer games where it snowed.   Football.  What is my objective?  Is it to wear out my child with hard labor and bone crunching athletics? Is it to visit the emergency room weekly? 

Then I looked at the prices.  90$, 115$, 250$, all for the privilege of living in none of the special places, I'm not a resident of any of the places that provide these sports programs, so I get to pay extra.

Plus I have to do this for 3 of my children minimum.  They each want a different sport, so I'll get all three, guaranteeing all weekends booked and three nights a week destroyed.  

Hey kids...what do you think about band?

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Liz said...

Have you considered bowling... Actually we eschewed team sports (except for one absolutely disastrous summer of Little League) in favor of homeschool group sponsored sports that majored in sports for a life time (like bowling, skating, skiing, running) instead of the kind of sports that you only do while you're a kid. Our major group activity was 4-H, and while we did have a few busy weeks during fair season, for the most part it was a once a month thing. My daughter took riding lessons when she was in jr. high and high school, and they both did gymnastics until they were around 7 or 8, but that was only a once a week thing. I can't imagine getting into any of the team things, but what would be insane for me would be having kids on different teams and on different schedules. Around here the teams even have games or practices on Sundays, and that just never would have worked for us.

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