Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maybe I Watch the Food Network a Little Too Much

Yesterday, I served dinner.  It was standard pasta rigatoni with butter, a touch of cheese and green beans on the side.  Admittedly, I used paper plates since no one including me was feeling too up on doing the dishes. 

My five year old said, "Thank you chef." and after blessing, took a delicate bite of pasta.  She raised her hand and said, "Chef, could you come  here a moment?"  She then explained that maybe her dish had a little too much salt.  "Did you taste the food before you served?" she asked giving an Iron Chef judge type searing look into my eyes.  I was waiting for her to say, "Please pack your knives and go." when she then was overridden by her younger (YOUNGER) sister, three weeks from four.  "I think it's very good pasta.  The sauce is nice."  she explained. 

"You could have added shrimp. It would have been even better with a touch of shrimp." my eleven year old son suggested.

"And it would look better and be more appetizing if it was served on real plates." my other son put in by way of concurrence. 

"But I don't know how many of you like shrimp, and I do know all of you like buttered pasta." I began.

"Well, you know Mom, you really could expand your flavor palate for us." my oldest daughter volunteered.  Mind you, I cook 33 meals a day minimum, (not counting snacks) and serving for the masses has watered down my menu, I don't want to put forth effort to receive "This tastes like yuck." as a response.

Facing the reality that these food critics were very kindly telling me to step it up a notch, I agreed to designated one night a week for experimentation night.  As I mull through the possibilities, browsing my cook books in a day dreamy kind of way, the realist in me pipes up.  "Ten bucks says next week when you serve them sausage and polenta....they ask for cold cereal or buttered pasta."  But I'm still game, and if the realist turns out to be right after a month of experimentation, I may have to cut back on watching Food Network.


MightyMom said...

it'll be good for you and them!

Christine Falk Dalessio said...

Thank you - this made me laugh! what joys to live with such observant kids :)

Natalie said...

I like the idea of expanding their palates and it sounds like they like the idea too. Maybe you should have them come up with meals they want to try and they can help cook. The oldest can take meal one the first week, second oldest take meal two the second week, and so one. That way, if the kiddos don't like the experiment meal they can complain to their siblings about it and not you. lol

Sue said...

I love it!! My favorite shows, bar none. I support your efforts:-). Also, there is a website that my oldest daughter showed me - It's a web search engine that allows you to search for certain ingredients, then pulls all kinds of recipes - epicurious,, food network. It's really good. Good luck!

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