Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Truth about Obama

I've kept it secret for years.  People shun nutroots and as such, I've tried to cultivate the personality of being reasonable but the signs themselves are too obvious to ignore anymore and I must come clean. 

There have been countless theories about the President's heritage; about the place of his birth; there are truthers, people in Indonesia and Kenya and Hawaii all call him their native son, but the truth again, is stranger than fiction. 

Let me explain:

1) Barrack was the newest Kennedy brother.
2) In his first year, he held a beer summit.  Now he's brewing his own.
3) The President has a way with words that is both musical and memorable, a gift of gab if you will.
4) He keeps company with Catholics all the time and has even found time to visit Notre Dame.  I'm sure the reason he filled out a March Madness bracket is they're a top seed this year.
5) Currently, he seems to be sparring a bit with England.
6) At his last check up, the doctors told him to cut back on his drinking and quit smoking.
7) As a youth, to improve his chances of being taken seriously, he changed his name to shield his true nature.

That's right.  President O'bama is Irish. 

Good Night Everybody! 
Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Top O' the mornin' to ya... and a pinch if you are not wearing the Green.

Adrienne said...

Happy St. Pats to you, too!

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