Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Thursday So...

Over at Family and Faith Live! we take stock of the past week.  The days fly by faster to me when I do this and it seems so much more gets done. This week was chocked full of little victories.

1) We got out to the park for a play date.
2) I showed up at International day for the younger school students; and we had made a treat for each class that was hosting.   Oddly, the older kids spoke up that they wanted me to come to their rooms too. 
3) Received the sacrament of Reconsiliation and got to practice my Lenten resolution to go to adoration.
4) Worked on Helen (a little) and wrote a piece to submit somewhere.
5) Refilled out forms for daughter that needs assessment.  Will drop them off by hand today.
6) Dropped off the tax forms. 
7) Going to plan two birthday parties today.

Have a great day even if it's cold, dank and raining!


michelle @ this little light said...

Great week! Though you've got 7 listed, you over-achiever! :o) Love No. 3 ... Spring Cleaning for the Soul!

MightyMom said...

awesome! can you come to my room too??

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