Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday

Today, I stepped on the scale.  This is the first time since the baby was born that the numbers went UP. 

Up is bad. 

The thing is, I can be iron willed when the diet is for someone else.  I don't cheat. I can forego sweets, fats, fried, breads, pastas, pizzas, all of that when I have gestational diabetes and have to protect the baby.  But when the body being protected is me...well, I don't count as much in my own mind and my discipline goes out the window. 

So I'm using Lent...I'll be fasting (from some of those things I overindulge in) to become less attached to them and less indulgent of me.   My Lenten resolutions have been all over the place in my head and writing helped to focus what I needed to do.  

1) Denial of the body --no seconds and no fast food.

2) Demand of the mind --read for 10 minutes a day from a book that deepens my relationship with God.  I just finished the Kreeft book, I'm going to use my Magnificat and Pope Beneditct's "God is Love."

3) Service: Participating in the 40 days for Life campaign.

4) Spirit: Going to adoration once a week --It will be like going into the desert, though I think being away from everything, even for an hour will feel like a dessert to me.  

5) Prayer: Try to keep up the daily rosary...some days, a decade is all I can do...and that's usually a day when the whole rosary would have done me great good. 

Good luck with Lent Everyone!  Going to make Jumbalaya for dinner.   "Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!"


Maria said...

just made an appointment with an endocrinologist. it's not possible that I can stand before a primary care physician and they can look at me and say, your blood work is fine. you are fine.

I will try to follow your example.

MightyMom said...

you're making jambalaya??

I"m coming over!

for some reason I've found I'm praying the rosary more since I started praying it on my iphone.

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