Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What the Middle Daughter Knows

My middle daughter has a birthday two days from Christmas so she's had to suffer sometimes having her birthday observed, and by that I mean some time in the following calendar year before the next solstice but not by much.   Thankfully, she is a tolerant soul and has learned counter techniques to short circuit her mother's tendency not to plan ahead.  

Like this past weekend when she came to me with the computer, a calendar and a notepad.  "My birthday is coming up." 


"So I want to have a party on Friday."  She then opened my calendar to reveal that it was in fact, blank on December 17th other than "Last day of school for 2010."  She then explained, "I want to take four friends to see a movie." and googled Fandango to look up the time for "Tangled" at the theatre she thought would be best.  "Then we're going to Lilly McGilly's for cupcakes so you don't have to cook."  It was hard to argue anything with such a well thought out plan so I agreed.  She typed up the invitations instantly and marked it on the dry erase board, on my calendar and showed me the extra invitation she had printed just for me so I'd have all the details.   I couldn't help feeling unnecessary except as the chauffeur and financier, a sugar mommy so to speak for her social life.  

But I appreciated her attention to detail.  I didn't realize how far her lack of faith in my ability to get things done in a timely manner extended until I found her changing the clocks to allow an additional ten minutes in the morning for error.  When I protested, she pointed out, "We're never late anymore are we?"  

Today, she had a free dress day and could bring a treat to share with her class.  Naturally, this had not been done prior to breakfast and so I was preparing to propose my standard go to treat, Krispe Kreme.  I drive through, I order, I drop off.  It is very convenient and nearly every child gets this; but she was once again ready for me, she had promised brownies she explained.  I gave her a "Don't have an expectation...it might not happen." look and set about loading the car with the other kids for the morning commute.   Normally, she helps buckle the littles in place.   Today, I was marshaling the folks and persuading the two boys to bring down the trash for pick up when I realized she still wasn't in the car.  I went back inside to discover her putting dishes in the sink.  On the counter was a 9x11 tray of brownie batter just waiting to be popped in the oven which she was also preheating.    She'd written a note 30 minutes, 1 hour cooling; powdered sugar, no frosting, bring by 12:15.   I'd have no excuse. 

Her older sister watched all of this with an arched eyebrow.  "How is it that you always get what you want?" she asked.   She'd been lobbying for four months to get a Facebook account.  I'd deferred that we would "discuss" it when her father and I had time.  She'd countered that whenever she brought it up, Dad or I would get terribly busy and not have time.   My younger daughter whispered something to her sister.   She texted her father, "Can we talk about me getting a Facebook account when you get home?"   He responded "Yes." and she followed up, "Swear by the River Styx."  as her sister smiled and nodded approvingly.  

We are in such trouble.  They're colluding.

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MightyMom said...

how old is that middle daughter??
cuz, methinks it'll be awhile before she moves out........

and she's NEVER allowed to talk to my daughter....EVER.

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