Thursday, December 2, 2010

Way to Go You!

It's Thursday so I'm updating this week's successes for Family and Faith Live! and also keeping you folks posted on ongoing events....

1) Clutterectomy continues.  I highly recommend as a means to jump starting organizational thinking about the whole house. It certainly is helping me.   Basement is 1/3 clean.  I can see most of the floor.

2) Figured out how to post clips --see prior post, from YouTube and had fun with it.  

3) Daughter still has double vision but we are coping with it, she wears a patch to school and admittedly, I watched 3/4th of her basketball practice and she seemed undeterred by her condition.   We are still working to figure out why and help stop it. 

4) Convinced one child who had long refused assistance in a subject that was difficult, to seek assistance.  Now I have to convince same child one time is insufficient to do the trick.

5) Youngest son can scoot down stairs unaided.  He does so with regularity.  When he gets to the bottom, he looks up at me if I've watched him go down and says, "Ha!"

6) After searching at several stores for several days, I wised up and ordered Advent candles over the Internet.  Next year, Thanksgiving, I'm ordering the candles!

7) Got a great tip for organizing the linen closet --putting all the sheets for a bed in the pillow case. It is so simple all I could think is "Duh!" and smack my head for not thinking of this myself.  Thanks Maria!

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Elise said...

Good for you for de-cluttering. Wish I could do the same for books....sigh....

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