Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things that are Wrong in So Many Ways...

5.  There's only one thing to say, "Oy Veh!"


4. Scientists may have understimated the number of stars in the universe by a factor of three, meaning there might be over 300 sextillion twinkling lights out there.   That's 10 to the 21st power.  Please, no one tell Congress such a number exists...they might consider it to be a goal.

3. Bacon Ice Cream. 
 By all foodie accounts I've read, it is good.  But I'm not eating it, not even if they add tomatoes and lettuce, mayo and bread.  **My son quipped, "Whatever it tastes like, it's not Kosher."

2.  Leesburg last year banned all Christmas displays and references to Christmas, a mistake because that town is gorgeous and filled with one of a kind cool stores for shopping which benefited from the festive lights and trim and extra bits of decor of the season.  This year, in a fit of over correction, the same geniuses have okayed having a display for anyone who applies, and that includes a creshe scene with Luke and Leia.  No, I'm not kidding.

Now I am a Star Wars Fan but perhaps the original nonsense of the Star Wars Christmas special would be less annoying.  

Okay.  Perhaps not.  Sorry about that.   Really.  Hey, I just noticed an added bonus, they're wearing Snuggies!  Maybe in that galaxy far away amongst the 300 sextillion of stars, they celebrate with bacon ice cream too. 

1.  The internet provides permanent proof that nothing that is nostalgic or fun can't be ruined.   Yesterday, I was subjected to "A Miser Brother's Christmas," an unnecessary sequel that delves into the psychology behind the animosity between Snow Miser and Heat Miser.   I loved the banjo and trombone piano ragtime songs of those dueling brothers.  I didn't need motivation or underlying issues.  They were brothers. Of course they fought.  It made perfect sense to anyone with sense or for that matter, a sibling.  Memo to baby boomers in the entertainment industry...STOP DECONSTRUCTING MY CHILDHOOD.  You are leaving scars!!!!!  

**In the spirit of charity, I have not subjected you to a clip from this abomination of animation.  Instead, as a touch of the cap to yesterday's post, I submit this YouTube clip of Josh Groban singing "Oh Holy Night" as a palate cleanser.  (Gets rid of the bacon aftertaste).     My favorite rendition was recorded some time in '90-91, as the kids at the school where I taught learned to sign it for a Christmas program. (Yes, that is what it was called back then and yes it was a public school and they let this song be played at lunch over and over and over again so the kids could get the signing correct).  I've never heard that particular version of it since on the radio or anywhere else.  

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Mary said...

Great list! My husband would love the bacon ice cream but I'm with go. Have a great week!

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