Monday, December 13, 2010

So What Does Algonquin Canoeing Have that I don't?

One of the things that gives a blogger a bit of a lift is to click on the counter to view recent traffic as a result of the breathtakingly deathless prose that one posits for all of history in a regular post.  Today, I happened to do a bit of investigating and curiosity got the better of me, I was ranked 1,704, down 66 from my highest point of this month.   I wondered what was number 1 and so I scanned through the ratings.   A four way tie went to the top four, including damncoolpics, pengunman, zahipedia and algonquincanoeing. 

Now while I did not have any interest in perusing what someone else might deem cool in photography, and felt a bit gun shy about investigating what the heck pengunman or zahipedia might mean or be, I admit I had to wonder, how paddling in the very cold waters of a province of Canada might be so popular as to beat out blogs on knitting, Nascar, safe car seats, Justin Beiber blogs and many others on the 36 pages of names whose titles were just plain scary.  

I clicked on the blog, it was named Proppe's Paddles and it was a normal looking place with time lapse film of the sky and the weather (worth seeing though the cityscape and car building/deconstruction strikes a false note with the rest of the grandeur pictured), notes about children and animals and camping and a moving piece about a boating contest that was to raise money in honor of a child who died from a congenital heart condition. The guy posts once a month if that and he gets 300-600 hits a day.  I can't argue with the numbers but I still can't explain it.  That being said, one tag I'm putting in today's post, just to test the theory?  Algonquin.  I just want to beat out the safe car seats and Justin Beiber blogs.


MightyMom said...

I've never looked....and I'm not sure I want to.

MightyMom said...

course...what I want to know is how to get your 63 followers over to my blog??.....cuz I'm feeling unloved with my measly 39....sigh.

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