Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Updates and Other Things Because it's Thursday

1.  Good News!  My daughter that has double vision has finally been diagnosed to determine her eye problems can be corrected with a type of magnifying glasses.  She responded to her double vision the way an adult does, so it threw everyone off.  Additionally, the onset was sudden and that made everyone frightened that it could be a very very very bad thing.  We are getting the sturdiest sparkliest Faith inspired glasses we can find.  

2.  More Good News!  Zoe, who I wrote about yesterday, is today off of oxygen and machines.  Huzzah!  We hope she continues to recover so her Mom and Dad and sister can relax a bit, and everyone can enjoy Christmas.

3.  Still More Good News!  My dad who made an emergency trip to the Hospital last night, is back home and is doing much better.

4. Joy to the World; my husband finished up his trial (his team won), after 45 days of what felt like perpetual all nighters in New York.   So my family is back together again, my family is healthy, my friends are on the mend, and it feels like Christmas has come early even if I haven't wrapped or mailed a thing.  Everything feels rosy and hopeful and above all, possible.  

5.  Tomorrow is my third child's 13th birthday.  I'm taking her to get pierced ears at her request.  A moment few people get to experience, is to be holding a newborn on Christmas Eve.  I had that lovely privilege as a group of carollers from a local church toured the hospital just after 9 p.m.  They sang "Silent Night" through the maternity ward.  To this day, I cannot hear the song and not feel that moment of holding her, smelling that newborn smell and wanting to tear up for joy.  

Merry Christmas soon to all of you and thanks for all your prayers; they matter, they help, they help prepare us for the season and all of life by asking God to be still more intimate in our lives.  Thank you!

These also count as this week's successes in my book and have been linked over at  Family and Faith Live!

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MightyMom said...

woot woot!

Merry Christmas dear friend! enjoy your family this week!

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