Thursday, May 20, 2010

Small Success Thursday

1.  It almost didn't happen and not because she wasn't ready or prepared. Her dress was beautiful. She was beautiful.  We were all ready to go, we had a babysitter and the pizza had arrived and even the two draftee volunteer altar servers were even moving at the right speed to be there on time for when the DRE wanted us to be at the Church.  Getting into the car, the zipper completely split.  After managing to jam it back up, we got in the car.  But halfway there, she began considering what had happened.  "I can't do it Mom."  Now my normal default setting is grit your teeth and tough it out but I'd fixed the split. I'd seen how bad it could be.  I didn't want my daughter's memory of her Confirmation to be one of humiliation, nor did  I want her to spend the whole evening worrying about her dress. 

I offered to stop at the mall, run into the store where we bought it and grab a same dress and worry about the return later.  "No!"  I offered to let her wear my dress and I'd just wear gym scrubs and sit in the back.  "No!"  I prayed for wisdom.  "We have to at least tell them.  But we can do the bi-lingual in June."  She nodded.   Flagging down her teacher to give the news, the teacher went out to offer a shawl or a wrap to mask the potential flaw but Bonnie gave me a pleading look and I said, "I know she wants to be confirmed, but none of us want her to worry about modesty."  She got back in the car.

Driving home, she cried and I said, "I wish I could make it better."  "We'll hold a giant party after the one in June." I was grasping for anything.  We got home. She went in my room to ask for help getting changed.  "Do you want to try on any of my dresses?"  She nodded.  The purple bridesmaid dress was too big but not by much.  The black and white gown from an Inaugural Ball however, was perfect.  "Let's go Mom!" she said and marched out.  I followed.  Mass was starting in ten minutes.  "Hopefully, the candidates are following Mrs. Shelley's advice to walk slowly." she joked.  We were silent for a time.  Then she said the prayer of her patron saint, Joan of Arc. 

"In the face of your enemies, in the face of harassment, ridicule, and doubt, you held firm in your faith. Even in your abandonment, alone and without friends, you held firm in your faith. Even as you faced your own mortality, you held firm in your faith. I pray that I may be as bold in my beliefs as you, St. Joan. I ask that you ride alongside me in my own battles. Help me be mindful that what is worthwhile can be won when I persist. Help me hold firm in my faith. Help me believe in my ability to act well and wisely. Amen." 

Then she turned to me, "I've said a decade of the rosary and my prayer to Saint Joan, I'm going to be confirmed. Too bad I couldn't wear armor to be confirmed, that would have been easier."

"Saint Joan would understand." I joked back and she gave me a smile and flipped through the Cd's to put on the Eagle's "Life in the Fast Lane." We had just come to a red light.

"Not exactly music to prepare for Confirmation hon." I mentioned.

"Mom, it's not music for Confirmation, it's music to GET ME TO IT!  TURN GREEN ALREADY!" she shouted at the light.   The light turned.

"Think we'll make it?"
"Well, it is 6:08.  If they started on time, they've done the procession, maybe the servers are a bit nervous and so my brother and sister will be moving a bit slowly.  Maybe they've sung all the versus of the opening hymn and just finished the opening song." she reasoned.

I turned into the parking lot and air dropped her at the front.

Any story with a happy ending is a funny one.  She made it. She even made it in time to correct our pastor who thought she was not attending and was just announcing that she was not attending.  Confirmation happened and she looked beautiful.   My husband joked, they should tell us things start two hours before they do to allow for the things that happen to us to unfold as they always do.  "Just think about weddings."  I cracked back.  Both our hearts did somersaults at the mere thought of how fast time passes in an instant when we consider where her life was now going.  It is breathtaking to watch one's daughter grow up. But she got confirmed.  It counts!  We offered to celebrate.  She asked if we could go home so she could change into an old t-shirt and shorts and if Dad could pick up KFC for dinner.  So maybe, growing up isn't so fast after all.  I'm so glad.

2. Proof I am crazy but it's treatable because I called my sister.  Today, the day after Confirmation, my daughter has a special presentation where she's supposed to teach about one of her heritage cultures.  She chose France. She's supposed to bring a food. She asked me to make Chocolate moose.  Having ruined my first attempt this morning, I called my sister.  She's the smart one in the family.  "Sherry, go to the store. Buy Crossiants."   Going to the store after I finish this. 

3. Had a piece in the Catholic Standard today.

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MightyMom said...

HoorAy for making it!

Karen said...

OMG! It took fortitude, wisdom, wonder and awe just to READ your Confirmation story! I don't know how you do it ...

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Nice Post!

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