Thursday, May 6, 2010

Small Success Thursday

Every Thursday, Family and Faith Live celebrates the both the little things that make motherhood not all duty, not all drudgery, and all the duty and drudgery we get to do to make childhood a thing of joy and beauty. 

So this week: 

1) I got to visit a friend who just had a baby and drop off food.  I can't tell you how many women have brought food to my family over the years, it was nice to be on the giving end for a change. 

2) Celebrated a friend's birthday by surprising her with chocolate and flowers.  Again, getting to do these sorts of little things make a week wonderful.

3) My parents came and we celebrated my daughter's first communion.  We celebrated my daughter's 14th birthday. We celebrated my parents being here.  We celebrated.

4) My son pulled up and stood for 15 seconds.  With so many, often I've not had the blessing of seeing their first step, but again Paul always commands I be present, and grace was to be present for a little miracle, the type we forget are miraculous until we are reminded once again. 

5) Six year old son learned to ride a bike without training wheels this week and lost his first tooth. 

6) 17 year old son proved he's becoming a man of character by letting his folks know about a problem at school.  I'm very proud.  

7) Middle daughter and I got in some time together with softball. She scored a few times, caught a ball on the fly and spent the subsequent ride home positively chatty which she never does; we talked about the sort of mundane things that make a drive fun and it's so rare, I had to brag. 

Have a miracle to share?  The kind we forget to notice?  Go leave a note at family and faith live!

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MightyMom said...

what a wonderful week!!

Mr Paul is just taking off isn't he?? cherish every miracle, friend, they're priceless.

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