Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small Success Thursdays Save the World

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Parenting is one long struggle to successfully change the world. Changing the world isn't a job for one person or one time. It is an ongoing process that is perpetually incomplete.

Changing the world means being sources of light and comfort and aid and that can take all forms. It can be speaking hard truth. It can be comforting someone because of a hard truth. It is often unthanked, unhearaled and non newsworthy. It is done in inches, in seconds and over long miles and eons of time.

The child that learns to read because the teacher took extra time, will not necessarily recognize until long after when the ah-ha moment, how their world was changed. That teacher changes the world. The nurse that swallows her irritation and her headache to be comforting to a person coping with great pain, changes the world. The person that lets another person who seems to be overcome with emotion while driving, pass without incident, resulting in a calmer safer road, changes the world.

The spouse that stays faithful, the person who says and means, "I'm sorry," The neighbor who decks out their house with color and light and invites everyone over, and the man who ignores his cynicism whenever it threatens to squelch a kind act, these are the people that every day at some point, help change the world.

So, How'd you help change the world today? I changed diapers. (It counts!)
This week:

1) Got husband and self to annual physical.
2) Made pumpkin pies and trimmed the outside of the house with some lights. (Not enough but then there is no such thing)!
3) Got to kid's band concert on time and in a front row where they all saw I was there on time.
4) Stayed in budget. (For now).
5) Made it to reconsilation.

Go, laugh, smile at someone. Change the world.


Melissa said...

Putting lights up really makes a difference! I love driving around with my babies and looking at the lights, they lift my spirits. :)

ViolinMama said...

Love #3. It felt so good for me to do the same this week. Good for you!

And yeah for the lights!! I still need to do that - can you come and do mine? LOL!


MightyMom said...

my son tells me as soon as he gets off the bus which of the decorations are on and which are off on the houses his bus passes.

don't forget to turn everything on for the schoolkids coming home!!

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