Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Politics (My Rant)

I took down the story upon reflection, because it was too close to the bone.

I left the end part because it still applies.

Courage isn't given out at a university. Neither is a moral
compass. Sarah Palin didn't get into politics to impress anyone. She saw a problem and she took it on, and that lead to being asked to take on bigger issues, which she
willingly did. She faced real struggles and pain and did so with courage and grace.

Sarah Palin has walked into the lion's den, facing a hostile media
and a relentless assassination attempt of her entire life/family by
those who disagree with her political views. She has been declared
stupid/vapid, clueless, vulgar, niave and utterly unfit despite
having risen to the position of Governor not because she was rich or
powerful, but because she was willing to do the hard thing, to act
rather than just talk about the problems in the parking lot. Her
motherhood and her professional career have been derided without
mercy, all because she was willing to reach higher than others deemed
she ought. Anyone can disagree with what must be done or why, but
the attacks have not been on what and why or even how, they've been
on WHO.

Vote for the ticket you believe will best help the country. As for
me, someone who is willing to take on something because
it is the right thing to do, is a better choice than someone who puts
other people down for not having been the smartest in the class
before daring to act.

--Sherry Antonetti, p.s. Hey Sarah, Let's get Trig and Paul together for a play date in 2009.


Anonymous said...

I wish I were that brave. Go Sarah!!

Thanks Sherry,

MightyMom said...

awesome story and great post!!

can I bring 2 hooligans and 1 hooliganette to that play date??

SherryTex said...

Go Sarah indeed. She gave a very moving speech on having a child with special needs in Pennsylvania today.

I'm with you Mighty Mom, though between my nine and your three, we might give Secret Service fits.

MightyMom said...

it'll be blog fodder for a year!! imagine the pic!! men in suits being terrorized by hooligans!!

Never fear middle kid has experience taking out cops!

ROFL it'd be a hoot for sure!

David said...

I agree with your assessment of Sarah Palin's courage and dedication.

I part with you when I see her, after a couple months of intense preparation on the issues about which she says she cares so much, sit down with a softball interview with Katie Couric and demonstrate too painfully that she is totally out of her element and her abilities.

I was very impressed watching the videos of her debates when she ran for Governor so I know she can be good when she is on familiar terrain but then terribly disappointed watching her stumble so badly in an interview with the least aggressive of all the national news anchors.

She will move forward whether the election is won or lost. My biggest fear, regarding the future of women running for positions of political power and influence, is that political insiders will shy away from ever bringing another woman on the ticket...and that would be a very sad consequence.

Governors for president are a mixed bag at best. Bush and Carter have not been good presidents but Clinton was (IMHO). The Mayor of Washington DC governs more population and a larger local economy than the governor of Alaska but I'm not proposing him for president either.

I'm choosing to go with the intelligent judgement that Obama has demonstrated. Fortunately well all get to make our own choice.

Anonymous said...

Currently, we get to make our own choice when we vote. We'll see if that remains.

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