Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haiku Haiku, I don't know how to do...

I’ve never been any good at Haikus, I’m not even sure how to write the plural of Haiku. Seventeen syllables has always seemed arbitrary to me, like having a plastic flower in a glass vase at the dinner table to create ambiance. Still, I picked up a very funny book, Haiku Mama –because 17 syllables is all the time you have to read which inspired this piece.

And Now, My Haiku

Printing Books
On cereal boxes
Would solve child literacy over breakfast.

Or at least they would in my house.


Anonymous said...

Alice reminds you that Haikus need to be 5 sylables in the first line - 7 in the second - and 5 in the last. It also is mostly about nature. So technically you did not do a "Haiku". Here is Alice's Haiku for you!

With the wind it flies,
Over top of our park bench,
Into the blue sky.

However, as another mother, I like yours a lot. Who needs to listen to these Middle Schoolers!!!

Amy said...

We'd need words printed on waffles at my house.

Jungle Mom said...

I love the title of your blog! Thanks for visitng me in Paraguay!

Anonymous said...

Remember Mark's haiku when Jake kept getting his haiku's "corrected":

Your teacher is wrong,
Haikus are five seven five,
nothing else matters.

What can I say? We didn't want his art inhibited.

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