Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Political Questions (TPQ) from now on.

Watching the third and final debate, I have to wish that we could have a screen running below with a truth o'meter. I'd wish that we could get the correct take on everything but even factcheck takes time to address these issues and it's still filtered through the prism of whomever wrote the piece for factcheck.

Who checks on the factcheckers?

So here are some thoughts that I have about this political process.

Who do you want to hear talking at you for the next four years or for that matter, even the next twenty minutes?

If a single community organizer signs up 150,000 new voters from a list of 400,000 in one year in 1992 using dial up and the rudimentary equivalent of America Online, how many people would he have to meet/phone/fill out forms for per day?

Answer: 410 successful contacts. Please note, this does not take into account any weekends or holidays, just a straight 150,000 divided by 365. It does not also account for wrong numbers, hang ups, refusals, incorrect or double identifications, deceased, moved, or unfindable individuals.

If we factor in the entire list, assuming 1 of every four individuals was reachable, but the other three had to be attempted in the process, the number rises to 1095 per day. But hey. Maybe it wasn't this hard.

Maybe 1992 was a leap year.

Do you think your taxes are too low?

Do you think your neighbor's taxes are too low?

Name a person you KNOW, who you think should pay more. Tell them. IF they agree, ask how much more.

Name three things the government does so well, no one else can do it.
Aside from spend at a staggering rate, writing papers on every subject imaginabl.e and talking about anything and everything for as long as possible.

If you love how insurance micromanages health care, you'll love the government creating an administrative overlay. Right?

Do you think that having one party control the house, senate and White House is a good thing?

Would you think it was okay if your son who was eight when we experienced 9/11, when he's 47 hangs around with Osama Bin Laden if the later is then a professor at a University in a major city?

Does anyone know if Hillary wants to make a Rocky like comeback now? She's starting to look good to me...or at least moderate.

And Finally, and this is the big one...
Can we make a law so that the political process can only last a single year, from the primary start to the election of the as to shorten the entire season?

I'm scared I'll see bumperstickers for 2012 November 7th.

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