Friday, September 2, 2016

One of These Days, I'll Listen to My Mother

When I was a teenager, I liked baking.  I didn't like reading directions.  Ergo, I ushered in an era of suffering in my family's household, enduring my attempts to make chocolate cake.  These cakes became known as Sherry's famous crumble cakes, for most of them either looked like a disaster or tasted like one until you coated it with enough frosting.

My mother would ask, "Did you read the directions?"  She already knew the answer, "Sort of."

My mom is full of good habits that would make life so much easier if I just did them with any consistency.   She drops other helpful hints like, "Did you make a list?" when I complain about how much I have to do or, "Did you put it up where it is supposed to be?" when I'm feeling so frustrated about my wandering the answer to both of those question would be, "No.  If I had, I wouldn't be looking for said items now."  

These days, I am the mother. I am asking the same questions of my offspring my mother asked me. The results are equally revealing.  Yesterday got away from me.  I asked myself the question.  "Did I make a list?"  The calendar says..."No. This page is mysteriously blank. Nothing happened today."  and the calendar feels like it is correct. It isn't, but it feels that way because I wrote nothing down.

Likewise, I've discovered over the years, if I make a menu, it makes life and dinner planning easier.  I know this, I've proven it many many many times.  Is there a menu on my refrigerator detailing the plan?  No.  There is not.  Why is there not?  Because I am a stubborn person who for some reason thinks the think system would actually work despite decades of proof to the contrary.

So today, when Simcha restarted her "What's for Dinner?" post, I opted to participate, to make my menu for the upcoming week through this exercise.  I may ask her to start a "Post your To Do list for the week" on Monday, so I can at least have a hint of target practice for what I hope to accomplish in the coming week.

Friday September 2nd

Pancakes/waffles are delicious.  It's what's for dinner. Why?  Because it's Friday, which is either pizza or pancakes

Saturday September 3rd

BBQ Brisket, tomato salad, cucumbers, french fries.  We cook it on the grill, I make my own rub, 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup kosher salt, 1/4 cup black pepper 1/8 cup white pepper, 1/8 cup paprika, 1 tablespoon ground red pepper.  Coat the meat, brown fat side down for 30 minutes, wrap in foil, cook on low heat until you cannot stand it one more second.

Sunday September 4th

Hamburgers, salad, corn, yellow cake, chocolate frosting

Monday September 5th

Pasta, home made red sauce, sausages, salad, french bread

Tuesday September 6th

Chicago Dogs, sweet potato fries, cucumber salad, carrots, corn on the cob.

Wednesday September 7th

Pork Medallions with honey/soy, green beans, quinoa and pita bread

Thursday September 8th

We found this recipe last week courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. It is easy, it is delicious and it uses up the left over tomatoes when you've gotten tired (not sick) of Caprese Salad.   

Slice up 2 onions.
Saute in a pan with three tablespoons of butter for about 25 minutes or until caramelized.
Pour all the oniony goodness into two frozen pie crusts.
Preheat oven to 450.  
Wash and slice tomatoes or use cherry tomatoes and cover onions.
Grate two cups of cheese. Mozzerella, fonina, Parmesean, all good, but it should total 2 cups.  Cover the tomatoes.  Beat one egg and mix with 1/4 cup of milk.  Mix. Pour half of the milk/egg mixture into one pie crust and the rest into the other.
Put the pies on a cookie sheet, Bake for 15-20 minutes or until everything is melted and set.
Garnish with chopped basil, salt and pepper.
It is good hot. It is good cold.  It is just yummy tomato goodness.

It also looks really showy and didn't require more than an hour of work.  

Tomato Pie --we need to finish off the old tomatoes and spinach salad, and for the ones who don't like Tomato pie, dipping dinner...chicken nuggets, french fries, carrots, apple slices and broccoli.  

I'll try to be more experimental next week.  If you want other inspiration, check out Simcha's blog.  I need to locate Sir Kentland's Ketchup if I want to make my meatloaf recipe.  

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