Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm #61!

I'm listed in the 100 Best Humor Blogs by Healthy Mom Magazine! 

Now I feel obliged to think of something funny to say but my first response to any award is to somehow channel Goofy.  All I can think is "Gawsh.  Thanks."

I have today had an insight about raising teenagers.

Everything is urgent, but ninety percent of it is unnecessary.   Next week, I reenter the work world.  This week, my children have done their level best to illustrate to me how the entire universe shall come to a screeching halt sabotaging their academic, social, athletic, artistic and future careers by my not being the equivalent of Alfred to their Bruce Wayne personas.  

They asked for milk shakes.
They asked for the opportunity to go shopping over the weekend.
They asked for care packages if they weren't at home. 

"I need my uniform."
I text back, by when?
I get no answer.   Which means, get it there now.

"Can you pick me up?"
It's not really a request.

Teens expect the answer will be yes.

The thing is, that's a good thing.  It means they're still expecting Mom to be Mom.   So I did drop off the uniform on time and mail care packages and plan a shopping trip and pick the other one up and I did get them milk shakes because it was hot and it's my last day of summer as a Mom until next summer and I won't be able to be this indulgent with my time come next week.  

Suddenly, all that unnecessary urgency seems like it was time very well spent.   

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