Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We Have No King But Caesar

The people have spoken and we will have as President this fall, someone who thinks Planned Parenthood does some very good things...or we will have Hillary Clinton.  
We will have someone who has no humility.
We will have someone who has no scruples about lying, about destroying others, and about lying about destroying others.
We will have someone who thinks the law is for other people.

We will have a leader who is willing to mock other people, and to tell all followers, it's okay to hate the other side.   They're legitimate to hate.  

We will have a leader who thinks because people on the other side hate, they are somehow legitimate and noble.  

We will be ruled by either a party indifferent to anything anyone says, or the other presuming about its own moral value based on comparison.   If the Houyhnhnms or the Yahoos win, humanity loses.  
America loses.

No one running for office this year who will be on the November ballot has done anything ti show they care about anything or anyone other than themselves.  

If the theme of the 2008 election was hope, the theme of 2016 is

Abandon all of that, ye who enter here.  

Not to spend too much more time gazing into the Palantir, for such way lies only despair, but my one worry and warning is based on the one thing I've seen from the fruits of both candidates about the coming election.  No matter who wins, we will have someone in the White House who above all other things, desires power.  


Paladin said...

I wish I could argue with anything you said (not because of you, personally, but because what you write is horrible to read), but I can't. This is really a dark time. Catacombs Christians, get on your knees, and then stand tall in the culture!

Paladin said...

I should have said "what you WROTE (in this instance) is horrible to read"... your posts are really good! :) Sorry about any ambiguity!

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