Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Fit Bit Curve

So last week, I bought myself a Fitbit. For those not yet owing a self imposed electronic tracker, you don't just strap it on and go.  You fill out a profile. Name. Age, weight.  hand you will wear it on, (dominant, non dominant), height, etc. etc.  Then, you charge it up and off you go.

Day 1.  Wow, I walked that much, I should be in better shape. But maybe I didn't know how much I moved.

Day 2.  Seriously?  I only took down the trash, how can the number be this high?

Day 3. How can I be at this number?  I just got up.

Day 4.  I think my fitbit is lying to me.

Day 5.  This isn't possible. I didn't walk 7 miles. I was in the car half the day.

Day 6.  I realized.  I'm wearing it on my dominant hand, and I profiled non dominant.  

Day 7.  Depressed because now, I have to work for those numbers.  

Day 8.  Thinking about switching back to the incorrect hand for motivational purposes. I learned how to cheat the system. Clapping makes it think you took a step, but that's not really the point.

Moral of the story: The right hand may not need to know what the left hand is doing, we do know, the left hand is lazy.  Whatever it's doing, it's doing it less.

So I fixed the problem and the fitbit isn't grading on a curve anymore. I think I'd prefer it to go back to lying to me.  

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Joanne Lee said...

Sherry, I just read this after I posted my Fitbit blog yesterday. Must be a popular subject. I didn't know about the clapping. That explains why I was seated at a concert and felt my wrist vibrating to indicate that I had reached my goal!

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