Monday, May 23, 2016

Life in the Fast Lane...nope. I'm More Take it Easy...

Yesterday, my girls ran a 5k.   I would say, I walked one.  

Any exercise is good true.  Revealing to your 9 year old, you cannot keep up?  Not so much.

Driving to the race, it's raining. It's cold.  I can't think of anything I would rather not do than run a 5k when it's raining and cold on a Sunday morning. Oh yes. Wait. I know, I would rather not run a 10k even more.  

So naturally, we're all signed up for June 11 for a 5k.

My track star son has openly boasted, he can beat us all running a 10k with us running a 5.  Personally, I suspect, he could beat me running a 5k if he were running a marathon.  The kid's mile time is four minutes fifty-three seconds.  His two mile time is ten minutes thirty-two seconds.  I know for a fact, a 5k takes me 45 minutes, sometimes 40 if I push (and that's on the elliptical).   In real life on real pavement, it's a solid 50 minutes minimum.

Still, his siblings and dad think we can take him.  I know better.  This is a dumb bet.  

Everyone in the 5K has to beat Peter for us to win,

Maybe if I wear roller blades.

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