Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Once She's been tagged....

She will be released back into the wild.   Using this painless key monitor bracelet, we will track her movement.  

It is estimated that the normal mature human female is supposed to go about 10,000 steps per day.

Based on initial readings, we aren't tracking a human female at all, but a sloth.

That's right.  I've joined the Borg collective.  I will be weighed, measured, and found wanting to move more than I do.

Hopefully, in 8 weeks, I will be weighed, measured, and found to have approximated something in the animal kingdom less stationary.

I bought a fitbit.  

Will this be the break through help I need, or will this like the treadmill that became a valet for the dry cleaning, the gym membership, the pedometers, the Billy Blanks cross fit videos, Atkins, Southbeach diets and the boot camp before it, become just one more example of the sisyphean struggle to lose more than my birth weight by my birthday?

Given that I weighed 2 lbs and 11 ounces at birth, it's not like the bar isn't already set really really really low.  

Maybe if they put a chocolate bar at the end of that string...

Tune in next Tuesday...for an update.

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