Friday, September 11, 2015

The Mother of All Linky Posts!

1.  Today is September 11th.  Everyone has a story of that day back in 2001.  It's a dull ache this fourteen years later, but when you see the pictures of the before and the after, the knife of it comes back.   So hug your family today, and stop and breathe deep the air of this country. We're free. We have our fights and our problems to be sure, but we have the gift of this day, and so many on that day, don't.   

2.  This was unexpected.  But it's lovely to see, lovely to hear, and gives me great hope, and I say that as someone who has never voted for Joe Biden.  Hearing two men on prime television during popular time, talk about suffering, death, and their faith, felt so natural and normal, and yet it isn't, so let yourself enjoy this clip.  I will be watching more of Stephen Colbert in part because of this sort of surprise. 


3. I didn't link up yesterday to Small Success Thursday, in part because yesterday was it's meeting day. I had meetings in the morning and the evening.  So if you need a break, stop and count your blessings.
4.  NEWS FLASH...I am considering a smart phone.  This seems as good a time as will ever come to dust off this published gem, "Imprisoned Without a Cell to Speak of" from my past.

Monday, I spent two hours at the same store.  They were nicer. They told me I should not buy from the store, but buy online.   They are gentler.  I wish they told me that two hours ago.

They are still woefully irritating when it comes to selling me what I want, and getting to it sooner than never.   That being said, I may soon succumb to the need to get a new phone, or take up letter writing.

5.   Happy Birthday Paul!  

My son turns seven next week.  It does not seem like seven years have passed.  He's happier than the picture indicates, but he never likes sitting still for pictures.   

6.  What am I reading?

Well, I just finished up True Radiance by Lisa Mladinich, as a reviewer for the Catholic Writers Guild. and I enjoyed it.  It's a good reflection (for the most part), on the nature of internal beauty. Here's a snippet to show what happens when she gets going:

"To allow the culture to mislead us about our identity as daughters of God has an impact on more than just ourselves.  We are the hearts of our homes and communities, creators and caretakers of tradition and mentors of the generations to come."  Lovely stuff.

 I've also just read a snatch of another book, Your Sacred Yes by Susie Larson.

"Jesus invites us to live as a joyful, secure, expectant people who respond to the nudges of the Holy Spirit within us, who live awakened to the adventure of faith God invites us to, and who believe that as a kingdom people, everywhere we place our feet, the spiritual atmosphere changes, because Christ-in-us has led us there."  

That quote alone made me very interested to see how she follows up.

Well, with three nights filled by Back to School, this week's dinner menu has been....creative. Yesterday, I punted and ordered pizza.  Wednesday, my oldest son at home, made spaghetti and meatballs and salad, and Tuesday, I made pot roast that cooked all day, smelled awesome, all of the kids ate, but all of them said they hated it.  All I got was the brown cooked onions on the bottom. Granted, those were delicious, but it didn't quite satisfy.  Tonight?  We're having chicken.  How?

Baked chicken with parmesan brown butter. (Don't get too excited, it's an easy recipe).

1) Bake chicken --with skin on, for 1 hour at 375.
2) Turn oven up to 425.  Take chicken out of oven and pour grease off. 
3) Put chicken back in oven.
4) Let cook for 25 more minutes, or until the skin is toasty and brown.
5) Melt a stick of butter in a pan, let it heat (on low), until it turns a nutty brown.
6) Take chicken out of oven.  Cover/dust with parmesan. (The green can of stuff will work fine).
7) Pour melted butter over the pieces of chicken. The heat from the butter melts the cheese onto the crust.  It is yummy.  

Serve with green beans, bread, and the obligatory salad 85% of my family won't eat.  

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Anonymous said...

That chicken with parmesan brown butter sounds amazing.
When you say chicken 'with skin' do you chop up a whole chicken? Or do you buy the chicken pieces with skin on? I don't know if I've seen those (but I also haven't looked . . .)

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