Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday Spotlight

I know, it's Sunday but I didn't get on the computer yesterday except for a few moments.  Why?  I was reading a book and it took me the day.   I can't review it because it hasn't been published yet, but I enjoyed it and will toast it properly when it hits the bookstores.  

So instead, I give you an interview I did of Marie-Helen Mathieu last fall. I just learned how to post on the internet so I uploaded the video.  I hadn't expected to be given an hour or to be filmed, so I was speed reading the book the day before the interview.  Here is part one: 

I'm sorry the sound isn't the greatest.

Here is part two:
On a personal note, I found her absolutely lovely and hope when I'm 86, I'm running up the three flights of stairs to my office in Paris to work on a book.  Sitting with her felt like being in a room with a teacher you've known for decades and always loved.   She also hugged my son Paul when we came to the reception they had later in the evening.  She was very generous with her time.

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