Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why You Have to Do Your Homework

10) Because some day, you will have to help your munchkins with their homework and it's frankly embarrasing to have to google the formula for finding the area of an obtuse triangle.  I did it. No I'm not sharing. You'll have to google too.  See. You should have studied more.

9) It doesn't matter that you're not supposed to live out your life vicariously through your children, every A feels like a victory, every grade below a B- smells more and more like the socks you haven't washed.

8) That book I blew off back in fifth grade? It's the summer reading assignment.  I will spend the next three months trying to explain how good this tome is...that I didn't read then...I will wind up reading it.   So you.  Do it now! It will save time.

7) There will be a test.  Just saying.

6) Mom will be unhappy.  You wouldn't like Mom when she's unhappy.

5) If you skip the assignments, you get to do the dishes. You are part of a family of 12.  By my calculations, you will have 60 dishes plus the pots and pans.   Now...which do you think takes longer, math or the dishes? Which do you prefer?

4) This is one of those life lessons.  Mom can lecture or you can just accept it...cueing up boring lecture in 5....4....3....2....see, life lesson learned! 

3) If you don't do it, your sisters that are in lower grades will catch up.  They might even lap you.  Oh girls...

2) The TV, Computer, Wii, and all screens will not gain power and be able to work until you do.  I changed the codes.

1) Because I said so.


Helene said...

#1. Definitely my favorite!

Rose said...

I hug my kids and tell 'em "I'm gonna love you no matter how many years you spend in this grade."

GeekLady said...

A=1/2bh, where b and h are perpendicular. Now finding the HEIGHT of a non standard triangle, that's a pain in the tuckus.

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