Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ents Being Hasty

Because I cannot square allowing for or promoting the perpetual acceptance of killing the unborn as a viable option, whether for grave or shallow reasons, (and with 50 million killed, some were grave, and some were shallow to be sure) I cannot vote for this president, ever. I must be at odds.  His party may offer kind good words, but they also offer it on the backs of millions of innocent lives.  Not thousands, not hundreds of thousands, millions.   

This does not mean I go rah rah GOP, GOP is the place for me, because the Republicans have time after time given lip service to being pro life, rather than affirmatively address it, just as surely as they pay lip service to a balanced budget, to living under the rules that Congress passes, and lower taxes. The only conviction I believe is that every single one of them wants to get reelected.  Now that, I do believe. 

 I don't know about you, but our government seems to every day find new things that it cannot live without and thus demand that we pay more and do without ourselves.   I do not approve of torture or drone strikes or never ending aggression towards those we can decide upon a whim to put on a watch list or declare part of the war on terror.   So I don't trust our government or the bureaucracies that weather every election.  I don't trust that the policies advanced and financed so thoroughly shall evaporate over night if a different president takes office. 

I worry that unless this mandate is dismantled utterly, the tentacles of Planned Parenthood will continue to exist to poison this land and whoever is leading it. 

This will all try to continue to stand under the guise of women's health, because apparently, we can't solve any problems or help anyone if we don't provide free birth control and unlimited abortion first and foremost and always.

It's not true. 

So every election is a bit of a problem for me,  Whose's side are you on? 

Side? I am on nobody's side, because Nobody is on my side.

Perhaps the President thought by signing into law a 2000 page monstrosity that included funding of abortion and by making it mandatory to provide contraception via insurance, making every Catholic culpable in the act of providing abortion and birth control and sterilization, it could erode our souls.

It very well could.

If we failed to respond, if we stayed asleep, everyone by their own actions unless they opted to go to jail by refusing to pay taxes, would become pro-choice.   Even if we prayed by the clinics and offered to adopt, even if we did fasting and rosaries, by remaining loyal citizens and doing right by Caesar, we would be culpable of enabling evil.  How could we be pro-life when we paid and voted into office those who promoted and funded the perpetuation of this evil forever.  Eventually, we'd despair and quit and whimper away. 

But there were some that resisted.  And even the sleepy trees united when they saw what destruction would come from this policy.  (It takes a lot to wake up an Ent...even more to move the President of a major Catholic University).

I may be shire folk, but I'm feeling rather Entish about all this. And seeing the 43 intuitions/organizations and Universities file a lawsuit to me is rather like the Ents going to War. 

So today I'm proud of the University of Notre Dame again.  I'm hoping Saint Mary's College finds her voice to speak too and Boston College and all the other places that came into being because they were Catholic, not because they were universities, but because they were Catholic.

As a hobbit in this battle, I'm stocking up on rocks. 

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Can I carry your sling for you?

Well said Sherry!

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