Thursday, May 10, 2012


I know...the cool advice is to act like you've been there before...but I have never EVER been cool.  So Trumpet Blare! YEAH! YAY! YAY! I've got a piece over at Patheos. 
(Since this is a humor blog, I figured I'd better give you a chuckle for stopping by). 

Click on this to see the actual piece.
It's on the nature of suffering, and the value as seen through the lens of faith.

Also, just a reminder, Small Success Thursday is now over at but since Mr. Linky we think last week was having trouble, you just list your successes in the comment section. We're working on an alternative.

Have a great Thursday!


Leticia said...

Go ahead and do the happy dance, Sherry, that column is a masterpiece! I am retweeting it everywhere! Bravo!

Colleen said...

Congrats! I will run over to read it!

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