Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small Success Thursday

Today we take stock of all the little ways in which we were able to show God's love to those we love.  The measure of parenting is in tied shoes, fixed lunches, band-aides, good night kisses, bed time stories, homework nagging, folded socks, favorite snacks, occasional late night movies, games outside, unexpected made beds and unearned "I love yous."  Parenting is making children feel the beauty and texture and tradition and reality of Easter and Christmas and all the other seasons of the earth and the Heavens, teaching them the history of their families through food, tradition, prayers, stories and memories both retold and created.   It is the sum of our every day.

I know there has been a lot of broohaha about Romney's wife not working because she stayed home, but that's just normal press "She's hateful because she's part of the other party" nonsense, so I refuse to let such silliness determine the sacrifice or worth of any woman who pours herself out for those she has been given by God, whether she gets a pay check or not. Moms work.  Moms are paid in kisses and hugs and Mother day cards and countless drawings and notes and conversations that often begin with a tattle but end with "Thanks Mom." 

So to anyone who let the stupidity of politics disturb their hearts or minds about this, don't.  The comments aren't worth getting worked over. The people who think saying such things are truth or important or profound, aren't who matter.  We do this work, this sacrifice for those we've been given.  The estimation of the value of that work and sacrifice by the "they" of this world, is negligible, or should be.

For the record, it is a sacrifice and a gift, to parent.  And it is work, and it is effortless.  It is all of that, because done well, done as it should be, it will require everything.  Done well, and as it should be, we will willingly give all.   Every mother worthy of the name knows this in her bones and does not need accolades or pay checks to prove her mettle, nor allow insults, slurs or snark to carry any weight.

 So let's see what we can add to our grand total for this week!

This week I:

1) had the treasure of feasting my whole family for Easter. (We went and picked up our oldest from college for Easter dinner).   It was a fun day of lamb and good bread and chocolate.  We went to the 7 o'clock mass and two of my children served.  It was also the first day I started to feel somewhat healthy again after last week's health scare. 

2) organized and cleaned and organized and cleaned and tossed out about 3-5 bags of trash.  The kitchen looks awesome now, only 4 junk drawers remain to go through, but that will have to wait until next week.

3) Went on vacation.  Yes. I'm in Florida right now.  I'm overlooking the ocean from a screened in porch and just drinking in the ocean air.  It rocks.  Last night we went to a restaurant on the ocean, ate fresh fish and listened to live music.  I have not done a dish or folded a sock in 24 hours. I read a book.  I worked on Helen. I swam in the ocean and the pool and did my favorite thing to do at the beach, walk until the sun tells me to stop walking and turn around.  It was a great first day of vacation.
It feels unreal. 

4) I miss my children.  But I also know they are having a great time with their grandparents.

5) Trying to do the Divine Mercy's hard because I usually pray when I'm cleaning so now it must be much more deliberate.  (God is laughing at me). 

Now it's your turn.


munchesmom said...

Congrats on your vacation! Enjoy!

AMEN to your opening paragraphs! Very well put & so true.

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

God is laughing at me's not a bad thing I don't think though :) Better to be laughing than angry! Have a wonderful vacation!

Stay At Home Mom at Work said...

Yes! Love your post. I work each and every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No vacation time, no sick days and no salary. And I wouldn't have it any other way. My time and my sacrifice is a gift to my family. Politicians rarely speak the truth. Our worth isn't measured by 'what we do', rather who we are. sahmatwork

Karen said...

Hooray for cleaning out the junk drawers! I'm going through the whole house and trying to weed out all of the junk. It feels like we have way too much of it!
I'm doing the Divine Mercy novena, too, and I keep getting confused as to which day it is. I guess nine days is too complicated for me to figure out. I'm probably messing it up, but I'm sure God knows I'm trying.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Oh my. A vacation at the beach in Florida...sans children, too...ENJOY...I can not even fathom such a gift. WOW. God bless those grandparents!

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