Monday, April 23, 2012

In Case Anyone isn't Clear on the Matter

File under it doesn't matter what you're doing, it should cease immediately.
Overheard while making the bed in the next room...
"You just can't hit the babies." 

(For purposes of clarification, they thought it would be fun to play catch with three stuffed animals and a ball in the living room with the two toddlers wandering in the firefight as movable obstacles to be avoided).

I live with a colony of future lawyers, who understand the spirit of the law, but also understand that nuance is everything.  "But Mom...we were getting along...playing together. Don't you want a happy home?" one who knew exactly how arch he was sounding.  

"I want a happy family in an intact home." 

Somehow, my precognitive powers of prediction always go unmarked.  Five seconds later, the ball sailed in an unfortunate angle and bonk!  Down went the baby. Down went the baby.

"SEE! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO NOT HIT THE BABIES. YOU LOSE!" the older brother gloated and did a victory dance that would get him penalized in the NFL. 

"YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO CONTINUE THIS GAME YOU LOSE!"  and I'm now the proud owner of three plushie animals and a primo bouncy ball for the next 24 hours.

My victory dance over the stunned three of them did not win any love here either.

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Rose said...

As I spied my boys walking in the house with a soccer ball, I reminded them, "You can't play soccer in the house." My son said, "We're not playing soccer, Mom. We're playing basketball."

Some reassurance.

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