Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer List

Every year I make a summer list of the things we may or may not do during the 83 or so days we have off from school.  This year, I'm posting the list because....I'm having writer's block and had to put something up here.

100.  Read books, one a week for chapter book and older, four a week minimum for the younger/new reader set.
99. Swim.  Swim.  More Swim.
98.  Cook out often.
97.  Catch fireflies.
96. Skip rocks.
95. Eat ice cream from the truck.
94. Waterslide.
93. Berry picking.
92. Go to the park.
91. Go to the museum.
90. Paint the deck.
89. Weekly Family Movie night.
88. Weekly Date Night.
87.  Go to Wolftrap for concert.
86. Get bikes fixed.
85. Grow tomatoes.  (already have beginnings of green beauties).
84. Play cards.
83. Teach kids to do cartwheels.
82.  Go wine tasting.
81.  Roadtrips to Comet Pizza, Union Post Office and Woodberry Kitchen for foods profiled on Food Network via Drive-ins Diner's and Dives and The Best Thing I ever Ate
80.  Go to a street fair in DC
79. Visit the library weekly.
78. Ride horses in Shenandoah
77. Hike trails. Camp.
76. Go to see Capital Steps. (DC Satire group).
75. Declutter basement.
74. Perfect bank shot.
73. Play Wii Rockband, get to intermediate level on drums.
72. Work on book.
71. Play piano.
70. Fish.
69. Take kids to the zoo.
68.  Build outrageous lego scene.
67. Draw trees in the wild.
66. Lemonade Stand.
65. Soduku Mastery
64. Play chess.
63. Pedicure.
62. Fireworks.
61. Take kids to a parade.
60. Watergun fights with kids.
59. Invite friends over for Bar-b-que.
58. Vacation with just husband.
57. Rent U-haul, remove junk from basement.
56. Roll coins.
55. Get kids to put on concert.
54. Capture the flag.
53. Write letters.
52. Puppet shows in the basement.
51. Learn how to podcast.
50. Repaint upstairs bathroom.
49. Go to the beach.
48. Ride in a canoe.
47. Plan Fall Festival.
46. Create two of the ten scrap books. 
45. Plant trees.
44. Learn how to cook fennel. (We have loads).
43. Play dates for kids.
42. Take daily walks.
41. Continue daily rosary.
40. tour college campus.
39. portrait of littlest.
38. Baptism of littlest.
37. Visit Texas
36. clean out closet of things that don't fit.
35. Cook Fish weekly.
34.  Visit Connecticut.
33. Go to Baseball games.
32. Arts and Crafts.
31. Learn to braid.
30. Go Karts.
29. Meteor Showers.
28. Visit the local (small) Aquarium.
27. Ride a roller coaster.
26. Put feet in both oceans.
25. Listen to Eagles and Jimmy Buffet almost endlessly. (Perfect summer music).
24. Assemble puzzles with kids.
23. Shop at Outlets.
22. Go to a polical rally.
21. Sit outside and just feel the sun.
20. Climb a tree.
19. Donate blood.
18. Extra mass per week for self.
17. Sleep in.
16. Try new foods I'm unfamiliar with --Indian, South American, Japanese.
15. Have brother and family over for a cook out.
14. Get my eyes checked.
13.  See a play.
12. Sand castles
11. Blow bubbles
10. Chalk drawings the entire driveway --and we have a long driveway!
9.  Live on fresh tomato salad.
8.  Help son catch frogs.
7.  Play Scrabble or Catan or Monopoly (Game night)
6.  Trips to Civil War battle fields.
5.  Go on a boat.
4.  See a whale.
3.  Make pies, because I'm too lazy to learn how to make jam.
2.  Become more educated on history.
1.  Not stress about what doesn't get done. 

Going to go do something now...have a great day!


Karen said...

102. Tweet a picture of ... umm ... something to a friend. Label the photo "political suicide."

101. Warn the British that Sarah Palin is coming.

MightyMom said...



nice list.

Therese said...

wishes it was summer here. I might just keep a link to this post for when it is though.

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