Thursday, June 9, 2011

Small Success Thursday

Mother Teresa said to do little things with great love, and sometimes when we're in the midst of doing, we forget the great love; and sometimes when we're in the midst of being that great love to others, we forget that this is actually a great thing we are doing.   With that in mind, once a week we look back to see if we've come perhaps a smidge closer to doing all those little things lovingly. 

This week: 
My oldest graduated from high school!  Eighteen years have flown by.  I'm sort of in shock. 
Gave home haircuts to three daughters and two sons with reasonable results.
More Mundane:
Hauled three bags to goodwill. It feels better than one thinks it should to pitch away.
Shopped with second oldest daughter for an outfit for Honors Breakfast --she was invited because she's made A's and B's all four quarters.
Got to see my first grader's presentation at his end of school Rainforest Tea; he was a sugar glider.
Always a Treat:
Went on a date this past weekend, saw a movie.
Good News Even if it's Not Great News:
Took my youngest son to the audiologist and got his hearing assessed. He'll need tubes but it's progress to know that some of his speech delay may not be Down Syndrome, it may be fluid in the ears. 

With two teens home, it has been very rare air.  To go to all these events solo, dr's appointments, shows, shopping, it never happens.  It was fun to be just one kid's mom for almost each and every one of them this week.  

Now it's your turn.  Use Mr. Linky or list your successes in the combox if you don't have a blog.  Be sure to visit the other blogs in the list and leave a comment; it's part of the fun!

Have a great week everyone!


Maria said...

I think all of those are wonderful successes for you & your family! Yes, it definitely does feel good to get rid of stuff. I did that w/ our garage last week & it's amazing how liberating it makes one feel!

Congrats to all your children on their accomplishments!

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

My little brother (not to be confused with my younger brother and baby brother...they are all three different) had a speech delay due to excessive fluid in his ears. He could talk but wouldn't. My mother says they got the tubes in and haven't been able to shut him up since... (he's now 27). Love your successes this week. My daughter graduates pre-K today and we are off to the world of special needs education in public school next year...exciting and nervous!

Karen said...

It's a great feeling when you are able to get rid of stuff. I'm always looking to thin out the things we have, but it's not easy when it seems like we're always brining something new into the house. It's a never ending cycle here.

Monica said...

Great week! I can not imagine having a child graduate from high school. My oldest is 3. I'm sure the years will fly by though. God bless!

*kate said...

Wow! It sounds like you've had quite a week - congratulations all around :) I love getting rid of stuff too.

Therese said...

Our eldest is in his second year of university and I agree, it goes so fast.

We need to get some bags to good will here. Maybe that will be what I will work on for next weeks small successes.

Thanks so much for hosting this Sherri.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

I totally agree that giving things away ROCKS! COngratulations!

Gluten Free Joan Marie said...

Congratulations! My youngest graduated High School this past week. WOW. I'm still in shock.

My Oldest graduated from College this week also!

My report cards are done! (I teach Kindergarten in a Catholic School)

Slide show presentation is finished and ready to go!!

I have done my meditation every day this week and it is keeping me sane!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the inspiration, muchly needed this week :)

Brenda said...

I happily survived our 2 daughters' 2+ hour Confirmation ceremony (with 4 little ones 7 years old and under - thanks to my parents and mother-in-law); then survived the party afterwards (in the thunderstorm with a tornado in the area; in our house where the finished basement had flooded at the end of March while we had been on vacation and thus had to have the walls ripped apart and carpet pad removed and then everything replaced.) And I didn't stress out while my dh got the deli chicken while I nursed the baby while our newly confirmed entertained the houseful of guests that were patiently awaiting lunch. Whew, and now that school is out I can finally breathe again.

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