Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Selective Attention Test

The SAT catches about half the people who watch it. This was considered ground breaking as a scientific experiment about how the brain does not see all that is there.

Big deal.

Every mom KNOWS that children have selective attentive awareness. If asked, they probably all spot the gorilla. However, the same observant ones cannot find a shoe on the floor by itself in front of them.

As further proof, I submit the following.

I lamented that if I did not point something out, it would not happen. It was doubted and roundly rebuked by all that of course they saw things and took initiative.

So I conducted an experiment. How many days will people walk around the 14 laundry baskets BEFORE taking the folded items up to their rooms?

Day 1. 14 baskets. Can't quite get to the TV but by moving them around, there's still some room.
Day 2. 14 baskets. Moved around. Now watching DVD's downstairs instead.
Day 3. Mom is trying not to go nuts. 14 baskets now like badly shunted freight cars.
Day 4. Two more baskets have been added to manage the overflow.
Day 5. Kids raid the baskets but none of them are moved.
Day 6. The Gorillia that is Mom thumps on her chest and says, "You all spent the whole week walking around the baskets, fishing in them, but none of you put them away.

Answer: "We thought you weren't finished."
Question: If I could stomach it, how many days would the baskets remain. 

Answer: I've decided, I haven't that degree of scientific method in me.


Anonymous said...

Solution: Become the Gorilla-as in GRRRRRRRRRRRRRorilla.

MightyMom said...

answer: sell the dressers and go on vacation!

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