Thursday, August 19, 2010

Small Success Thursday

This week was full; twenty-seven items on the "To Do" list every day kind of full.  As such, I've instigated a new sanity rule, no lists of things to do over 20 for any given day.  That being said, these were my successes for this week at doing the right thing.

1) I read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.  It was a fast read and I loved it and I'm very grateful to my friend Karen for giving it to me.

2) We went school shopping.  I'm still in recovery.

3) My oldest daughter started high school.

4) The Fall Festival plans are starting to come together.  One month to go.

5) After listening to my lecture about how bad habits form when we fail to establish good ones and that the hardest thing to overcome is inertia, two of my children picked up their instruments for the first time in two months.  Of course, it meant I had to exercise.  I hate it when the advice I give is then demanded of me, or rather, I don't hate it but wish sometimes I could get a pass with these guys --not a chance.   So yes, I did my 20 push ups and 20 sit ups today. 

6)  Got to the dentist.  Not a whoopie kind of thing but it was actually an appointment for me. 

7) Wrote a piece, worked on Helen, am trying to fast from the computer except for emails and writing --not because I don't want to be informed but because it's more important I be involved.  I know I've been using this machine as a shield against being more active, so I had to put the machine away.  And yes, my kids are helping with this matter.   They're very good at nagging.  I wonder where they learned it? 

Got a success, a struggle, a triumph over minutia?  Go share it over at Family and Faith Live!


Maria Fernanda McClure said...

My lists usually have about 4 items. Unfortunately, they usually read like this:
1. Do the 5 items on the school task list
2. Do the 7 items on the chores list
3. Do the 3 items on the errands list
4. Do the 16 items on the follow up list
...and get out of my head, you, with your computer as a shield thing!

Mary said...

Great list of successes Sherri! I hope the next week brings you just as many triumphant moments!

doughraisingmom said...

Sherri, boy, you said a mouth full when you mentioned that kids will respond to a challenge with a challenge. They know they have us over the barrel, so let the sit ups begin. In my case, I choose to just stick to walking.

MightyMom said...

sit ups??? push ups???? huh??? I thought you were taking each kid for a tour of the driveway for exercise....that whole multitasking thing right? I mean, how can you multitask situps?? well, unless you're reading MY BLOG on your iphone or ipad as you sit up....that could work......

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