Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the Worst Part is

...I can't even self medicate with chocolate for all of this trouble.

Two days ago, I received a food death sentence.  I have gestational diabetes and must forgo the pleasure of eating rice, cereal, pasta, potatoes, fried anything, syrups, fruit juices, not flavored with splenda jellies, baked goods and candy and probably ice cream from now until the due date in January.

"What can you eat?" one of my kids asked.  "Cheese and some vegetables and meat."  It sounded unappealing even saying it.  I have a call in for a dietitian, we'll eventually get to do some more than just that, but even so, the sugars will have to be tightly regulated for both the baby and my own health.

In addition to sticking myself four times per day to see how I'm doing, for the next 20 weeks I get to gain weight without having any fun getting there and I'll have to endure the high eating season of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Two days of almost no carbs and I'm already irritable.  Normally, I'm a bright side of life kind of gal and do acknowledge that the diabetic regimen usually means I finish a pregnancy healthier than when I started, but I've never had to face this long of a Lent during a time that isn't Lent.  So my spiritual discipline is a bit off because of the season. 

But, I'm dutiful so I went to the local pharmacy to get my testing materials.  The druggist rang them up.  I took them home.  It was then I discovered they'd ordered the wrong strips and lancets for my glucometer.  That evening after all kids were fed and ready for bed, I let my oldest two babysit while I scurried out to the store in hopes that this would be a quick exchange. 

After an hour, the frustrated man explained to me that while he could trade the strips, the store was out of that type of lancet and that I'd need to call my OBGYN to call his pharmacy so they could then phone another pharmacy to request the lancets so I could test my sugars.  "So I get to call her so she can call you so you can call them so I can get them so I can stick myself?" I asked. 


Taking my new supplies and stopping to buy a veggie roast beef six inch, it was time to go home and hope my sugars weren't too high from eating my dinner after 9.  Remember that stress spikes sugars too.  So all I have to do is live a carb and stress free life for the next four months.  

We're off to a roaring start.


Maria Fernanda McClure said...

bummer. hang in there. By my calculations you'll have a couple of weeks between delivery and "that other Lent".

Anonymous said...

Oh, my....I don't know if I could do it. I'm thinking you could just "glam" it up a bit, and say you're on a Mediterranean diet for the duration (of course, without the bread and pasta...darn!). Or the Atkins diet....salads, steak, chicken, fish (oh, but what could you put the butter on?) Hey, by the time the baby is born you may find that you've lost your taste for all that other stuff. One can only hope. And if nothing else, keep in mind about how suffering can be so redemptive! I hope it goes well for you.

MightyMom said...

You have my hugest sympathies!!!!!

Mum2eight said...

two of my sons have type one diabetes and I had gestational with my first pregnancy. I controlled it mainly through diet as well and they only checked my bsl at the pre natal clinic.

I am so sorry you have this. It is a pain in the neck. I will think and pray for you often.

SherryTex said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support.

G said...

I know no carbs makes me feel yuk for a few days but it wears off. Also, you've probably discovered stuff like Breyer's CarbSmart ice cream & low/no carb tortillas &, if all else fails, fried pork rinds....they kinda take the edge off of it. God bless you & baby!

JimmyV said...

You'll be in my prayers too (am I the only guy who comments?). If you are interested in trying something nutritionally, I might be able to help:

SherryTex said...

Jimmy, thanks for the prayers and the link. My brother also comments from time to time, but he's Anon so only I know it's him and Larry D has been seen here on occasion.

Jen Sanders said...

I'll do it with you, too, Sherry. Solidarity! Love, your little sister

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