Thursday, August 5, 2010

Small Success Thursday

It's Thursday!  It's time to review the week and shout out a little.  So this is this week's small success report:

1) I got six kids hair cuts and four kids school shoes. 

2)  I survived getting six kids hair cuts and four kids school shoes.

3) I read a book (all but the last 50 pages but I'm almost done and it's because I've taken time to read each day). 

4) The writing block seems to have lifted.  (Yeah. Happy dance. It's a little thing but it's my little thing). 

5) We went to the pool twice this week. 

6) We will be going on vacation; the kids to Camp Grandmother and us for three days to celebrate our 20th anniversary. 

7) I was asked to be a guest blogger at a site I enjoy.

Have a success?  Share it over at Family and Faith Live!


Maria Fernanda McClure said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great time!

munchesmom said...

#1 & 2 - BIG accomplishments...Great Job! Happy Anniversary!

ViolinMama said...

FANTASTIC list...I am envious of your successes!!

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary. My 22nd is tomorrow. Have a fabulous trip. Enjoy every moment!

MightyMom said...

Camp grandmother sounds fun! have a good time pretending to be a grown up!

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