Thursday, July 29, 2010

Small Success Thursday

It's Thursday so we do the weekly wrap up.  This hasn't been a boastful week but we've had some minor victories.

1) Three days of the week I exercised.  That's up from zero so it's a big deal.

2) After three weeks of writer's block, I've been able to craft a few pieces.  This has been driving me nuts. I've been reading, standing on my head, deliberately listening to music I don't like, tried eating fish, getting extra sleep and writing prompts.  It seems the muse took a vacation but has just as mysteriously returned.  

3) I worked on Helen.  She's languished on my computer and it's because I have a few sticky places where I don't like what's there but I've been unwilling to pull things out to rework.  Time to rewrite and rework and weed wack the daylights out of the second half of chapter 4 and then I'll hit the chapter that's been sitting in my head. 

It's a delicate scene of reconciliation between Helen and Menelaus at the sacking of Troy.  The myth has that Menelaus comes into her room in full battle rage.  She reveals her breasts and he drops his sword.   I've got that, but with a twist, because I don't think the mere sight even of the most beautiful woman in the world's chest, could erase 10 years of waste, infidelity, war and the past few hours of rage and violence.  But I want to have this flawed couple in that moment of odd quiet when the whole world is crashing down around (Literally, Troy is burning), become a moment that reseals them to each other and I've got some ideas so I'm going to try writing it tonight.  Maybe my muse saw what I was planning, got a headache and took the time off to be ready for this scene. 

4) Not my triumph but I'm proud none the less.  My son has been asked to be a student leader with a campus kitchen program at his school.  It's a volunteer job, but it's a job and I think he's finding it surprisingly pleasant to do this extra. 

5) The crack down on homework is helping.  

6) Week three of assigning weekly chores and daughter created check boxes on the memo board.  Mental note, second son is awesome at keeping the kitchen floor restaurant worthy clean.  Regrettably, we do have to rotate chores, but it is helping.  

7) Worked on Fall Carnival, it is coming together.  I have eight weeks to get it ready.

8) I finally learned how to write one thing and have the link embedded.  It's a small victory for a technophobe like me. 

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munchesmom said...

Great list! I remember the first time I figured out the embedding...I couldn't get enough of it. I STILL get excited when I link to something on my blog or in an email. It's the little things that make life fun, isn't it?

Mary said...

Wow! What a great list of successes.

ViolinMama said...

WOW!! You've humbled me with your list!! WOW!!!

GREAT WEEK!!! I echo munchemom's comment

SherryTex said...

Thanks ladies. I admit as soon as I managed to embed a link, I wanted to go nuts but I've told myself, there will be times when this is necessary. Pace yourself.

MightyMom said...

great week!!

seems everyone's muse is suddenly returning from vacation....I'm waiting for mine....1/2 way down the street hoping to catch that first glimpse as she rounds the corner....

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