Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crisis Management

I have a theory as to why the current administration and government is struggling with the economy, the oil crisis clean up in the Gulf of Mexico, problems of trespassing and bullying in Arizona, unpleasant political dialogues and demagoguery, spins of the news right, left and out and out wrong, the absence of jobs, the misbehavior of Washington and Wallstreet and a dearth of movies that anyone other than uber fanboys and fangirls want to see.   The political and pundit class severely under represents Moms of many.  Lest you think I'm merely advocating for my own small subset within the population, understand Moms of many are used to dealing with many of the crisis's facing America today. 

Consider that Moms of three or more often are called upon to 1) stretch an existing budget to fit more and more people's needs.  They are also experts on explaining, It doesn't matter how much YOU want it, the answer is No.

 2) We spend much of our day resolving property disputes that are sometimes aggressive and unpleasant; that's my hairbrush! No it's NOT!  That's my seat, I was sitting there.  MOMMMMMM!  Expert moms know the answer to this is nobody wins, no one gets the hair brush and no one gets the seat.  

3) We specialize in anonymous clean ups of messes no one else deems tolerable or possible to fix.  You --get those scrubbers out there.  You, stop sweeping sand over the oil and clean the thing up properly or I'll make you stay here until it's done.   You, quit tattle-tailing  on everyone else and get to work cleaning.   No one is getting to do anything else, no BBQ's, no swimming, no parties, no golfing no nothing until this mess is cleaned up.

4) We always have work that can be assigned if people are disagreeable.  Who doesn't think Congress could use an extra chore or two (Peace through work) or at least a time out? Also, we don't let our kids get away with half measures.  You have to read the book before you can write the report.  Congress, you have to read the damn bill before you may start counting your votes.

5) We don't have to know what exactly happened to know what is wrong and who done it; Perfect knowledge of the facts is not necessary for us to act, perfect knowledge of the characters involved, that we have.   I can look at my children in the kitchen and know who snuck my birthday chocolate.  

So, for the good of my country, I humbly suggest the next commission formed by the President be front loaded not with political hacks or professorial theorists but Moms of four or more; practical pragmatist experienced seasoned Moms.  We'll reign in Congress.  We'll sure it's fair.  And as an added bonus, we'll even help Michelle with getting people to eat their fruits and veggies.  We can do it.  

Wonder if I could be appointed the Mother Czar?


Stay At Home Mom at Work said...

LOL! Amen! They could take a lesson or two from a few seasoned Moms of many....for sure!!

MightyMom said...

you reminded me of this post...


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