Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small Success Thursday

For the past few Thursdays, I've been slumming.  Why?  I'd been suffering from writer's block and the list felt like a bit of a crutch, and I've been on vacation.  Between those two excuses, I just fell out of the habit.  However, I return again; because the weekly celebration helps me take stock of the past week and reminds me that these works in progress are in fact, progressing.  This week I:

1) Helped get my oldest two ready for high school by ordering their books.  Next week I'll take on shoes.

2) Going on vacation, I did get reminded that it's a disservice to my children if I let myself go to pot; but I've been struggling with when I can surrender time to exercise.  "Taking time for me" only comes at the expense of 9 other people, and I just can't do that to them.  It was a wrestling problem in my heart and head when I went to bed.  But the Holy Spirit whispers ideas when we allow ourselves to listen and yesterday morning when I woke, the thought was fully formed before I got out of bed.  If I walked the driveway with each of my children one on one, I would get all the exercise I needed and each of them would claim a bit of precious private time in the process.  Of course there was a giant fight over who would get to go first.  (I chose none of the above), but it's a start in the right direction for all of us. 

3) I got to see all my family last week.  It was a celebration of ordinary time.  Usually, we get together because...because so and so is graduating, because so and so is getting married, so and so had a baby;  this time, it was so we could be together. 

4) Tomorrow is my middle son's birthday.  While we were on vacation, one of his uncles commented that if he married, he had to bring his potential bride to meet my brother for approval.  My son responded, "Not me, I'm going to be a priest."  I know he's young but it doesn't mean my brain and heart didn't give a "Whoop!" at the idea.  

5)  There will be one more source of inspiration come January.   So far, she looks very healthy and good from the Ultrasounds.  Yes, we will now have a whole decade of children.  

Have a great day!  Happy Summer!


Mary said...

SHERRY!!! Wonderful news!! God bless you and your family!! I am jumping up and down doing a happy dance for you!!
Take care of yourself and keep walking that driveway. It's going to be a fabulous New Year!!
Blessings and Grace my friend!!

Mary said...

Great idea, walking the driveway with each child. Could even work!
- Got distracted so I can't remember what else I was going to say, but I know it was good!
Great work this week.

Maria Fernanda McClure said...

Wonderful news!!! Still trying to prove that teacher wrong? You are NOT an underachiever, so I don't buy that excuse.
Can't wait to meet your new source of inspiration!

JJ's Mom said...

I love the way you 'sneak' in your January blessing at the end of the post.... Love it! God bless your growing family.

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